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Individual Pattern Projects

Guided pattern tutorials that will have you creating stunning projects in as little as a day, even if you’re a beginner!

Pattern Projects are image and text guided tutorials (like an eBook!) that will have you creating stunning fine leathergoods in as little as a day, even if you’re a beginner! Perfect for crafters who find satisfaction in completing smaller, quicker and less complex projects.

But, unlike some digital PDF patterns available online, these Pattern Projects take a different approach. 

By including a detailed Project Guide and a downloadable PDF Pattern, I take you through each process from the beginning to your completed project. There are even close up shots showing each step clearly, so you don’t have to worry, I’ve got you covered!


They’re completely separate from the video courses, so the best part is, you don’t even have to subscribe to the Masterclass video courses. They are available for all crafters, at any level!

How are these Pattern Projects different to the online video courses offered on this site?

Each pattern project comes with a downloadable PDF Pattern, a set of images for each step and a written explanation for each process known as, the ‘Project Guide’.

Many of my video courses also include a PDF download. However as the name suggests, they use a video format instead of images and text.

What are some benefits of the Pattern Projects?


  • Downloadable and printable PDF Pattern, yours to keep.

  • Complete Project Guide, no missed steps.

  • The Project Guide can be saved for offline use, view anywhere.

  • List of recommended leather, hardware and materials included.

  • Designs may be used to sell your products, earn money.

  • Get techniques and designs not seen in the Video Courses.

How do I get started?

Simply choose the Pattern Project that you are interested in. After claiming your selection, I will instantly email your link to your Project Guide plus the downloadable PDF Pattern.


Then you can:

  1. Print off your PDF Pattern

  2. Glue onto thick card and cut it out

  3. Follow the Project Guide to complete your new project!


So, ready to begin? Select your project below to get started and I'll see you over in the workshop!


Student Success

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