Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are your video courses for? Are they beginner, intermediate or advanced level?

A. The courses are aimed at leathercrafters with a minimum of basic knowledge and tools.

They are explained in a way that is easy to understand due to all steps and processes being shown and explained thoroughly in the correct order.


It is recommended to have a basic level of understanding of leathercraft, but is not absolutely necessary.


There are multiple build along projects of all levels which you can confidently undertake once mastering the fundamental technique courses.


We recommend these courses to perfect the basics of leathercraft: 

- 'The Technique Of Hand Stitching' 

- 'Details Make Perfection - Back Stitching

- 'Details Make Perfection - Corner Stitching

- 'The Techniques Of The Edge Pt's 1- 2' 

- 'The Techniques Of The Blade'

- 'The Technique Of Adhesion'

Unlimited access to all of the courses above is included with either Plan purchase.

Q. What do I need to get started with the video courses?

A. We recommend these tools to begin your journey.

Once you get started, you can add more tools and materials as you progress and your knowledge increases:

- Craft knife

- A2 cutting mat

- Sanding plate

- Diamond awl (small s diamond)

- Pricking iron (recommend 'Obverse' 2+8 prong)

  2.7mm - Watch straps/ wallets/ fine work

  3.0mm - Wallets and small bags

  3.38mm - Small to med bags/ belts

  3.85mm - Large bags/ cases/ heavy leather goods

- Wing dividers

- Skiving knife (select R/L depending on dominant hand)

- Thor nylon hammer 32mm

- Steel 8 oz hammer

- Saddlers needles John James 004

- Stitching pony

- Thread

  WUTA cabled waxed polyester - Linked is 0.45mm. Select the size appropriate for use. Pricking   iron size and thread thickness correlation is explained in course 'The Techniques of Hand Stitching'

  Sajou cabled waxed linen - Luxury waxed cable linen thread. Alternative thread for a more traditional        look. Select the size appropriate for use. Pricking iron size and thread thickness correlation is explained    in course 'The Techniques of Hand Stitching'

- Steel ruler - 6''/150mm and 12''/300mm

- Diamond plates

- Green polishing compound

- PVA waterproof glue (Elmer's U.S)

- Contact adhesive

- Glue pot with brush

- Card stock for templates

- Pencils/ pens


For the full directory of course supplies (listed by course), create a free site membership and access 'Course Supplies'

Q. How do I watch the video courses?


A. To watch your video courses you will need to purchase a 6 month Plan (Master Craftsman) or a 3 month Plan (Artisan).

These Plans are a one time payment option and not a recurring payment.


The most popular option is the 6 month Plan (Master Craftsman). 


Both Plans contain the same video courses - all of them.


You also have the option of buying individual video courses (Prepay Video). 

Q. How long are the video courses?

A. They vary between 40- 90 mins each.


We also have a selection of shorter courses included in the Plan entitled 'Details Make Perfection' which range between 10- 25 mins.

Q. How many times can I watch the video courses?


A. There is no limit at all.


You can watch your video courses as many times as you want to.


You have unlimited access to them within the duration of your Plan (3 or 6 months).

This also includes any new courses which are released within the duration of your Plan (new courses every 3-4 weeks).

Q. Are the video courses downloadable?

A. No. They are available for streaming only.

Q. Do the courses come in any other languages?

A. Unfortunately no.


Right now the video courses are available in English only with no subtitles.


Courses are presented in clear English, with no slang or heavy regional accent. If you can read this, you will understand the presenter.


Multiple languages and subtitles will be an option in the future when we have the resources to be able to do so.

Q. What if I need help or have questions when watching the video courses?

A. Email support is available for students. We reply as quickly as we can, usually within 24 hours.

Q. Do I have to pay a monthly payment for a Plan?


A. No. The Plans are a one time, upfront payment only.


Once your 3 or 6 month Plan has come to an end, access to your videos courses expires.


To gain back access to your courses and continue learning simply purchase another Plan.


Q. What is included in my Plan?


A. You will have unlimited streaming access to every video course. This also includes all future courses within your Plan duration. 


Learn at your own pace, in your own time. 


Your video courses are available on both desktop and mobile.


Each course comes with helpful supply lists/ links.


Email support and website assistance is also available if you need help at any time.

Q. How do I buy a 3 or 6 month Plan?

A. Once you have selected and clicked to buy your Plan, you will automatically be taken through the member sign up and payment process.


A member sign up is necessary to identify you as a paying member when you want to watch your videos.


Once the process is complete, you can immediately access your video courses on the 'Plan Videos' page (in the main menu at the top of every page). 


You will instantly receive your welcome email with all of the information you need to access your video courses.


You will also receive a Plan receipt by email.

Q. How often are new courses released?

A. New video courses are released every 3-4 weeks. 


You will have unlimited access to every new video course (as well as all the other video courses) for the length of your Pan duration.


You will be notified of every new course release via email.

Q. What payment options are there?

A. PayPal, credit/debit card payments via Stripe and AliPay (for China based customers).


Q. Are there other ways to follow Leathercraft Masterclass?

A. There sure are. You can find us on YouTube and Instagramwhere we provide regular posts, videos, reviews, IGTV videos, tips and #leatherhacks.


We also have a Podcast where all subjects within leathercraft are discussed. Includes insights, reviews and business strategies.

Q. Do you directly sell the tools and products you use in the courses?

A. Unfortunately we don't, but we have included information on how to obtain all of the supplies needed for every course.

We have a page with links to supplies for each course for your convenience.

Q. Are there other ways to learn?

A. We have a Blog and a community Forum where all members can come together to discuss all things leather and share their work, projects, support and even business ideas.

It's a great way to network with other leathercrafters and make friends within the craft.


You can also purchase e-Books from the Library which is another valuable resource to compliment your learning.