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The Lined Card Wallet is a fun project which can easily be completed within a few hours.


Great for beginners and more advanced crafters alike looking to practice their basic skills, whilst also creating an elegant and classic wallet.


This project only uses four pieces of leather which are cut accurately, placed together, stitched and edge finished.


However, the key focus here is about mastering the basics of leathercraft and allowing you to practice your cutting techniques, use of patterns, creasing, accurate stitching, corner stitching and finally edge finishing.


This means that once you have perfected these skills, you are ready to move on to more challenging projects.


There's no skiving involved, so nothing too advanced and it makes a really great project to complete in an afternoon.


Feel free to use any kind of leather that you want, I have used Saffiano but you can use calf leather, vegetable tanned leather or exotics.


You don't even have to use edge paint if you don’t want to. You can burnish or get creative with a bound edge… the choice is yours!


  • Simple & easy to do 

  • Great for beginners

  • Compete within a few hours

  • Practice the fundamental techniques of leathercraft


In this Pattern Project you’re going to get:


  • A downloadable PDF which you can print out and glue onto card.

  • A link to the Project Guide which features a materials list, a step by step instruction manual and 48 closeup images highlighting each stage of the build.

  • The rights to sell the completed project if you want to.


The Lined Card Wallet

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