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Most projects using snap fasteners can make a luxury product not only look inexpensive, but sound cheap too!

One of the issues with a snap fasteners is the plated metal components that scratch and wear out over time, making even the finest projects look bad.

Not only that, but the snap fastener is even named after the tinny sounding snap as you close it. So how do you make an inexpensive component look, feel and sound like a luxury leather project?


Discover how to wrap, line and infill your snap fasteners in this luxurious watch case project. By the time you finish, not only will your metal snaps look beautiful, but you’ll no longer call them snaps, you'll call them ‘thuds’!

  • Discover how to make snap fasteners sexy! No more cheap feeling hardware.

  • How to install a suede lining that feels soft and protects your watch.

  • How to stitch in micro gussets without the complexity.

  • How to make a mirror burnished caseback protector.


In this Pattern Project you’re going to get:


  • A downloadable PDF which you can print out and glue onto card.

  • A link to the Project Guide which features a materials list, a step by step instruction manual and 86 closeup images highlighting each stage of the build.

  • The rights to sell the completed project if you want to.

The Travelmaster Watch Case

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