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Travel trunks have been around for centuries carrying our prized possessions as we travel. This allows us a taste for adventure whilst enjoying the comforts of home.


But there’s no need to carry our lifestyle accessories in plain wooden or cardboard boxes, oh no! Trunks have been a great way to show off wealth and status for the middle and upper classes.


Many brands that endure today are still at the forefront of luxury, such as Louis Vuitton, Moynat, Goyard and a few others.


In this Pattern Project I will be infusing the spirit of luxury travel with the practicality of an office accessory, the pen holder. This way, you can have a small reminder at your work desk marking the essence of adventure and a call to the far flung corners of the earth.


Of course, pens are only one of many items that can be placed inside this handy little bourgeois container! Try paint brushes, cutlery, makeup brushes, leaflets, or why not convert it into a stand for a lamp?


  • Real techniques used on full sized trunks!

  • How to create the frame without having to clamp parts

  • Techniques you’ll need for laying in your canvas lining

  • How to rivet accurately

  • And much more


In this Pattern Project you’re going to get:

  • A downloadable PDF which you can print out and glue onto card.

  • A link to the Project Guide which features a materials list, a step by step instruction manual and 90 closeup images highlighting each stage of the build.

  • The rights to sell the completed project if you want to.

The Pensmith Writers Trunk

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