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Nov 14, 2022
In Share Your Projects
Made my first turned edge strap, thanks to Phil. 0,38 mm prick, 0.45 mm poly thread. First enforcement layer : 1.8 mm skived to 1mm at the end. Second enforcement layer : 1 mm Exterior leather : 0.8 mm. Lining : 1 mm @masterclass : do you think skive alligator leather to 0.4 - 0.5 mm is a good idea, will it keep its strength after lots of fiber are gone? The raised center made it more bulky than what I have planned for a casual watch. Definitely gonna improve next time ^^.
First turned edge watchstrap content media
Aug 17, 2022
In Share Your Projects
I finally finished this project, great design from Phil, learnt a lots making it and now I feel much more comfortable working on handbag, still need more practice on the gussets and hand-stitching with an awl though. Still I encountered some problems, perhaps @Leathercraft Masterclass could shed some light on the matter : 1, The lines on the flesh side when using bell skiver, it is clearly visible on the grain side after and I was unable to remove it even when I skived through that part again by the bell skiver or by a French edger ( it worked with stiff vegetable tanned leather, maybe 70-80% but that's enough for me ). From the bell skiver course I know it is unavoidable but do you have any tips to lessen the effect on chrome tanned leather? 2, It was much harder for me to install the gusset than watching you doing it haha. Maybe you'll have us a course on how to design gussets and calculate the proper measurement for it?
Turenne Bag completed content media
May 24, 2022
In Say Hello Before Posting
Hi guys, it's exciting to be here, finally. Guess I have always had a thing for leather good, sometime I just touch them for no reason ( don't judge me !!! ) and it is just lovely to have some quality or luxury ones, boy those are scarce at our local market. But what really got me in was a cigar bag, it is custom made and was out of stock, I really like it so I thought why not make one, he can do it. Long story short, few thousand bucks and several months later, lots of wallets and bags for family and friends, still no cigar case for myself T.T. Call me old fashioned but I really like Phillip's tradition methods with leather so I decided to join LCMC. My main trade is with the shipping industry and I hope leathercraft can be the other, looking forward to learn from all of you. Best regards, James.


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