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One of my personal favourite books, I have referred to it many times throughout my career.


This book is aimed at the advanced user with design and construction knowledge of at least a basic level. So if you have never cut out, glued and stitched leather, this isn't for you.. yet.


Absolute beginners will not be able to follow all of the instructions, but it will give you ideas on design and materials to use in your work later on.


First published in the early 1900's, 'Leatherwork' was mandatory reading for students embarking on a trade in the leather industry. Be it Saddlers, trunk makers, or 'fancy leathergoods' craftsmen.


This book contains text, drawings, measurements and information that will increase your knowledge in these key areas:


  1. Varieties of leather and qualities of each
  2. Piping
  3. Bag making
  4. Satchel and backpack making
  5. Cutting and making straps
  6. Trunks
  7. Portmanteau and gladstone cases
  8. Dying leather
  9. Hard sided toiletry cases
  10. Musical instrument cases
  11. Making leather sports balls


..and much more.


Please note that although this book contains much information that can still be used today, many of the materials outlined are difficult to find and must be substituted with modern equivalents, i.e; PVA instead of 'wheat-paste adhesive' or modern edge paint instead of 'edging ink' etc.


Skill level: Advanced / Industry Professional


Leatherworking Guide eBook

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