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Latest Video Course Release:
'Leather Zip Wallet Pt 3'

In the grand finale part 3 of this wallet making course, you’re going to discover all NEW techniques exclusive to the Masterclass.


Find out how to make card pockets thinner than the credit cards they hold, yet stronger than most pockets that are twice as thick. How to align your prick marks so you don’t need a reverse pricking iron or even location needles.


In fact, it’s just one simple trick for perfect alignment every time. And you’ll get to see how all this is possible, even without a skiving machine. You only really need hand tools to get started today!


So, could you be a better wallet maker with new knowledge and techniques? If so, click the blue button below and I'll see you over in the workshop.


Hi, my name is Philip and this is the Leathercraft Masterclass.



Included in your active Plan/ Subscription

Course supply list and supplier links included

Free PDF pattern download included

Remember, with your Plan, you're going to get:

Remember, you’re going to get:


Unlimited access to 85+ fine leathercraft videos (1hr+ each)


Courses and information not available anywhere else


Access to the members only Mastermind support Forum where you can ask myself and others any questions about the courses


PDF Pattern Downloads (easier and quicker to get started!)

Access to course supply lists and supplier links (no uncertainty or time wasted sourcing materials)

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