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I can say with all confidence that this 130+ page book single handedly built the foundation of my knowledge in leathercraft. No other book has come close for traditional hand work.


If this rare book ever comes up for sale, it sells for hundreds of pounds. Luckily I managed to find my copy about 10 years ago for £141.00.


But here you can have your very own downloadable PDF copy for only £53.97 ($67.17).


Download onto a laptop, tablet, or even your phone. Own all the knowledge of our past masters in your pocket!


After attaining publisher rights, we had our only copy painstakingly digitized by hand, one page at a time using a professional process known as Non-destructive digitizing. 

A lengthy and costly process, but well worth the effort for this legendary publication.


The original book was created for students of the Cordwainers Technical College of London. A college primarily teaching aspiring shoemakers, but also the manufacture and craft of hand made leather goods (Note: This ebook does not cover shoemaking).


What topics are covered in the ebook?


 - An introduction to leather and the various skins

 - Tools and how to use them

 - Hand stitching

 - Hardware

 - Sharpening blades - cutting, paring and round knives

 - Skiving leather

 - Adhesives

 - Wallets - various, with measurements

 - Bag handles - Rolled, briefcase, trunk and handbags.

 - Briefcases - with measurements

 - Top frame briefcases - with measurements

 - Cigar cases

 - Moulded work

 - Gussets

 - Handbags - Various, with measurements

 - Folios - with measurements

 - Box work - solid leather and wrapped board/ wood

 - How to stiffen leather

 - Turned edges

 - Built up work - using layers of paper hardened with glue to then wrap with leather

 - Edge finishing

 - ‘Fancy’ leather goods


...and much more!


Learn from the past masters of leathercraft, and keep the traditional work alive with this rare publication. 

Produced by tutors who worked many decades in the London luggage and leather goods industry before teaching their vast knowledge.


If you love my courses, this is where the inspiration came from.


Own your digital copy today.


Who is this ebook aimed at?

This ebook is aimed at the novice and advanced leather craftsman.

Absolute beginners will still pick up valuable information for the future, but much of the ebook assumes that you have a basic understanding of leathercraft.



 - Due to the age of the original book, measurements are in inches (2.3/8'' etc).

 - Many of the glues are not easily attainable anymore, so substitute animal and paste glue for PVA glue, and 'rubber milk' (latex) for solvent free contact adhesive or even Copydex.

 - Foundation boards used in box making such as strawboard, millboard and pulpboard can be substituted with modern and easily attainable greyboard or MDF.


If you have any questions after purchasing the ebook, please feel free to use the contact form on this site.

Technical Leathercraft eBook

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