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The Lancette Rolled Handle
Pts 1&2
Use This!_edited.png
Details Make Perfection: The Clochette
The Bloomsbury Attache Case: Making The Lid
The Bloomsbury Attache Case: Handle Making Pt1
The Bespoke Leather Apron._._Protecting
The Bespoke Leather Apron
Solid Leather Box Making Pt2 
The classic exotic leather watch strap,
The Making Of Luxury Watch Straps Pt2
The Techniques Of The Blade
 Techniques Of The Edge Pt2: Edge Paint
BONUS COURSE- Details Make Perfection: Trunk Tool Wall
P1080020 (1)_edited.jpg
Techniques Of The Bell Skiver
The Bloomsbury Attache Case: Completion
clam screenshot.jpg
Details Make Perfection: Clam Finishing
Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 6.56.44 PM - Ed
Details Make Perfection: Awl Sharpening
Tradition _ Design _ Craftsmanship _ Pas
Card Slot Card Holder
Hot Foil Techniques
The Making Of Luxury Watch Straps Pt1
The Techniques Of Adhesion
Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 6.08.42 PM - Ed
Details Make Perfection: Corner Stitching
Screenshot (187).png
The Art & Craft Of Pattern Making
P1160244 (1).jpg
The Turned Edge Passport Wallet
How To Butt Stitch
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The Bloomsbury Attache Case: Handle Making Pt2
P1140640 (1).JPG
Made To Measure Switch Buckle Belt
Solid Leather Box Making Pt1
'The Manufacture Of Luxury Watch Straps'
The Making Of Luxury Watch Straps Pt3
Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 6.02.27 PM - Ed
The Technique Of Hand Stitching
_TIP_ For a traditional look, leave the
Techniques Of The Edge Pt1
Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 6.08.42 PM - Ed
Details Make Perfection: Back Stitching
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Delphine Controle

It was a big frustration since I had a lot of ideas but didn’t know where to begin, but with your course and all the tips, I could begin to do beautiful work and be proud of myself.

Carswell Leather

I bought the [6 month Plan] and have been blown away by the quality and high standard of Philip's teaching, leathercraft and video making skills. It’s the best money I ever spent 

Andrea Lohberg

To be honest: I had no hesitations. The return on investment on the Masterclass is so incredible.

Radoslaw Landowski

Most tutorials or videos on the Internet are leaning more towards rustic/semi-elegant stuff. It's virtually impossible to find someone from the industry that's been successful and is sharing his master knowledge.

Paul Porter

I was a beginner, I had 4 days with Nigel Armitage one to one, and was looking to improve, especially in fine work and different techniques. I also still subscribe to Nigel's Vimeo channel.

Stephen O'Hare

How to construct projects and the order of things has been a big learning point. Satisfying to get that clear in my head.

Justin Tomlin

There are things covered in every course that can be applied to any number of leather projects.