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In just days you can discover how to create watch straps, wallets, handbags, cases and more, all in the comfort of your own workspace - even if you're just getting started!

Welcome to the Leathercraft Masterclass


Discover the comprehensive collection of all access video tutorials designed to teach you the techniques of fine leathercraft.


All the knowledge, guidance and resources you need to master your skills and gain the confidence to create the fine leather goods you have always wanted.

Beginner through to advanced levels covered with easy to follow, build along projects.

Unlock your potential and begin your journey today..learning has never been so convenient!


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Online Fine Leathercraft Courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online Fine Leathercraft Courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

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Online fine leathercraft courses

Discover the past masters of leathercraft. Centuries of knowledge in a single download.

Testimonials- See what members are saying about Leathercraft Masterclass

Andrea Lohberg

To be honest: I had no hesitations.

The return on investment on the Masterclass is so incredible!

Testimonials- See what members are saying about Leathercraft Masterclass

Ramblin Leather Goods

I thought I knew more than I did & didn’t think I would learn a whole lot. However I was wrong. I realized there’s a lot I don’t know. You can only learn so much from watching YouTube videos. I’ve learned something helpful in every video I’ve watched. I made the Turenne Luxury Handbag and now I want to make more!


Noa Greenspan

 I'm the creative director of PanAm Leathers. 

I studied accessories design in Tel Aviv and in NYC, but I learned more practical tips from the first 20 min of your videos than all the years higher education combined, so thank you!

 I’ve been bingeing your courses like they are a new Netflix sitcom! I love them!


Carswell Leather

I bought the [6 month Plan] and have been blown away by the quality and high standard of Philip's teaching, leathercraft and video making skills.

It’s the best money I ever spent!

Testimonials- See what members are saying about Leathercraft Masterclass

Elense Leatherworks

Most tutorials or videos on the Internet are leaning more towards rustic/semi-elegant stuff. It's virtually impossible to find someone from the industry that's been successful and is sharing his master knowledge.

Testimonials- See what members are saying about Leathercraft Masterclass

Justin Tomlin

There are things covered in every course that can be applied to any number of leather projects.


Alan James Co

Leathercraft Masterclass is one of the very few places in existence where you will be guided through the 'head spinning' world of leather, and in great detail, learn the craft of making fine leather goods. Philip is the definition of a true craftsman and is doing his part to keep the trade alive!

Testimonials- See what members are saying about Leathercraft Masterclass

Fadi /Far Leathergoods

Edge painting is probably my favorite new skill I acquired.  Few can get a smooth and consistent edge all around.

There is a simple joy in holding a $600 handbag and seeing that your edge paint is better because someone took the time of teaching you the little tricks of getting it right.

Testimonials- See what members are saying about Leathercraft Masterclass

Dwight Alwine

Were the results of the courses going to justify the cost?

I have taken online and facing courses before that were a complete waste of money.

I feel that this was/ is WELL worth the cost!

Testimonials- See what members are saying about Leathercraft Masterclass

Daniel Wohlk

 Having a teacher that loves his craft and strives to make things perfect. It elevated my skills so much!

My products are MUCH prettier than before I started on the Leathercraft Masterclass.

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