The Luxury Key Wallet

Discover the secret of how the top luxury brands make wallets structured, yet feel as soft as silk.


Unfortunately, not everybody loves the firm rigid feel of solid vegetable tanned wallets. 



Multiple famous luxury brands understand this issue, which is why composite construction exists.

By combining leather, non-stretch components and materials of various densities - durability, and a luxurious softness can be combined without compromise.

Many leather workers feel that in order to make a soft wallet, they must use soft leathers such as chrome tanned skins to get a nice soft feel to their products.

Oftentimes these soft skins need to be glued and stitched onto rigid reinforcements otherwise your project will come out limp and lifeless. But this is only half the problem.

No matter how soft the skin you choose, once glued to something firm, it will lose most of that soft ‘give’ that makes something feel like butter in the hand.

In this Pattern Project I will share a little known industry secret with you, so that you too can create projects that feel like nothing else!

If you sell your work, clients love this and will always remark about how soft the product feels.

What’s remarkable is this project even uses vegetable tanned skins! But of course you can use chrome tanned leather if you wish.

  • Discover how to create ‘cushioned’ parts in key areas.

  • How to perform ‘edge binding’ which is a great edge finishing technique with so many other project uses!

  • How to install invisible Snap fasteners.

  • How to install key hardware without the bulk from standard rivets.

  • How to create, line, reinforce, and install turned edge card pockets.

The Luxury Key Wallet

In this Pattern Project you’re going to get:


  • A downloadable PDF which you can print out and glue onto card.

  • A link to the Project Guide which features a materials list, a step by step instruction manual and 70 closeup images highlighting each stage of the build.

  • The rights to sell the completed project if you want to.

Discover how to create your very own Luxury Key Wallet and start your fine leathercraft journey today.


Click the button below to claim your PDF and Project Guide.

I’ll see you there!



The Luxury Key Wallet

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