Recommended supplies used in
'Solid Leather Box Making'.



You may note that not all the recommended supplies listed below are featured in the video course. This is where either:

A) I believe the product listed below is better overall than the one used in the video

B) The item shown in the video is no longer in production. An alternative is recommended

C) The item recommended is easier to obtain through mail order and of comparable quality


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Vergez Blanchard skiving knife - high speed steel edition (HSS)

Review click here

s-l1600 (1).jpg

Japanese style leather utility knife. HSS steel

Pricking irons.

Size 3.38mm used in video course.

Ebony handled awl.

(Small size used in video).

1mm Greyboard for reinforcement

Gold heat activated foil

Mini leather plane.

Flat works on straight edges and curved is for concave edges.

(Not very often used but handy to have too).

Wadding filler material (self adhesive version).