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Hello, my name is Veronica (or simply Nica) and I started tinkering with leather in September 2020. I live just North of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in Mill Valley, a small town by the Richardson Bay and Mt. Tamalpais. My interest in leather became apparent when I was getting my coffee one morning and wondered into a retail store nearby. There I saw various leather and canvas goods when my eyes stopped at a display of an old saddle bag on the wall. It was rugged and beat up yet well made. Next to it was an exact replica of it, only this one was new, had smoother edges, painted edges, sharper looking stitches. I was immediately drawn to it. After a casual conversation with the store owner, I learned that the saddle bag was made locally by a leather craftsman (Jack H.) who is 86 years old and sharp as an awl. The second day I met him at his local workshop and my learning journey began. Pretty soon my weekly schedule included “Thursdays with Jack” and I never looked back. It took me a while to get all my tools due to covid10 supply chain disruptions when I met another local leather craftsman and tools guys extraordinaire (Jon B.). Jon had graciously made me a stitching pony, leather strop and a few other tools one simply needs and can’t always buy. Fast forward to today, I am thrilled to be viewing Philip’s videos. So many of my lingering questions are already answered and I continue to learn and absorb new and wonderful information!