Recommended supplies used in
'The De Havilland Travel Bag'


You may note that not all the recommended supplies listed below are featured in the video course. This is where either:

A) I believe the product listed below is better overall than the one used in the video

B) The item shown in the video is no longer in production. An alternative is recommended

C) The item recommended is easier to obtain through mail order and of comparable quality

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Screenshot (203).png

Luxury Dry Milled Calfskin (chrome tanned).

Ask for closer to 2mm

Screenshot (205).png

Firmer vegetable tanned leather. 

Select 2mm for handles and zip reinforcement

Screenshot (206).png

Chrome calfskin with surface finish for linings.

Ask for 0.8-1.0mm

Screenshot (208).png

Click to find a sales rep or supplier near you. Excella, Lampo, Raccagni also make quality zips


Solid brass bag feet.

Shape #1, 6x10 used in course

s-l1600 (1).jpg

Solid brass rectangle rings. 25.8mm ID used in course

s-l1600 (2).jpg

Solid brass 'D' ring.

3/4'' ID used in course

s-l1600 (3).jpg

Sunburst Chicago screws. Choose 4mm rod length

Screenshot (212).png

Non-stretch tape.

15mm used in course


Natural tan leather cord. Choose 1.5mm thickness. Buy at least 5 metres.


NT Cutter roughing tool

s-l1600 (16).jpg

Cotton canvas webbing. 38mm used in course.

Buy 2 metres per bag.


Rein Snap Swivel. 20mm (3/4'') used in course.