Recommended tools & supplies

to begin your journey


Once you get started, you can add more as your skills and knowledge progress.

Please note this is a general guide and will vary for each crafter and their needs.

Each course also has it's own tools and supplies list.

To access these, please refer back to the main course supplies page.

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- Craft knife

- A2 cutting mat

- Sanding plate

- Diamond awl (small s diamond)

- Pricking iron (recommend 'Obverse' 2+8 prong)

  2.7mm - Watch straps/ wallets/ fine work

  3.0mm - Wallets and small bags

  3.38mm - Small to med bags/ belts

  3.85mm - Large bags/ cases/ heavy leather goods

- Wing dividers

- Skiving knife (select R/L depending on dominant hand)

- Thor nylon hammer 32mm

- Steel 8 oz hammer

- Saddlers needles John James 004

- Stitching pony

- Thread

WUTA cabled waxed polyester - Linked is 0.45mm. Select the size appropriate for use. Pricking iron size and thread thickness correlation is explained in the course, 'The Techniques of Hand Stitching'


Sajou cabled waxed linen - Luxury waxed cable linen thread. Alternative thread for a more traditional look. Select the size appropriate for use.

Pricking iron size and thread thickness correlation is explained in the course, 'The Techniques of Hand Stitching'.

- Steel ruler - 6''/150mm & 12''/300mm

- Diamond plates

- Green polishing compound

- PVA waterproof glue (Elmer's U.S)

- Contact adhesive

- Glue pot with brush

- Card stock for templates

- Pencils/ pens