Are you struggling to find the right knowledge, resources & guidance to take your leathercraft beyond the basics?

My name is Philip and just like you, I became frustrated with the difficulties of sourcing advanced knowledge on fine leathercraft.

The construction of luxury leather goods has always been very secretive, steeped in history and heritage and notoriously difficult to access. Until now..

10 years ago I began my journey and obsession with educating myself on the making of high quality leather goods and accessories.


Over many years I researched and gathered as much knowledge as I could. Obtaining information from a large collection of antique leathercraft books, archives and manuals dating back from the late 1800's to present day. It was often difficult to understand and in different languages and dialects, but to myself, that made it even more fascinating and captivating.

The traditions and techniques used by our past craftsman has always appealed to me.

In an age before modern machines these artisans would perfect and refine their hand skills and methods to mastery level. I wanted to bring these ways of the past masters back, to keep the spirit of their knowledge and traditional techniques alive and present.


My goal is to preserve the heritage and history of the craft through sharing what I have studied, yet promote it in a modern, practical and accessible way.

The Leathercraft Masterclass video courses were created with a vision to provide an easy to use, accessible platform for leathercrafter's like you.


A way to save you valuable time and wasted resources. A way for you to discover and master the essential skills and start creating your own leathercraft journey.

The Leathercraft Masterclass offers you a large and consistently growing collection of online video tutorials covering many topics from stitching basics and edge finishing fundamentals, to the more advanced teachings of exotic leather watch straps and box making.

Choose from a 3 or 6 month Plan to suit your needs, where all the of the video courses are instantly available with unlimited access, on any device.

We also provide tool/ supply lists with links for convenience and email support/ website assistance should you need extra support.


There are new video course uploads every 3-4 weeks as well as a lively, engaging Forum, Podcast

and Forum.

The mission of The Leathercraft Masterclass is to support and encourage leathercrafter's like you, to pursue the mastery and excellence of leathercraft whilst preserving the heritage, history and tradition of this beautiful, timeless craft.


If you share the same beliefs then join the many others already involved and learning today.

Purchase your Plan now and discover the courses that will change the way you create.